How to fix iTunes error -1 during iPhone restore to iOS 5.0.1 or other iOS version?


If you get error -1, most likely you attempted to flash with iPad baseband 6.15.00 with the intention to unlock it. Error -1 is related to baseband failure.

iPhone 3GS made after week 28 of year 2011 is not compatible with iPad baseband. If the baseband flashing process fails, you will get no IMEI, no Bluetooth and no WiFi error. It may reboot every 5-10 minutes due to this error.

Currently there’s no software fix available. However, if you intend to restore it, do the following:

1. Download custom iOS 5.0.1 firmware from here.

2. Pawn DFU your iPhone with redsn0w 0.9.10b5 or iREB from

3. Launch iTunes 10.5 and hit shift + restore or option + restore for Mac).

4. Point to the custom firmware you just downloaded in step 1.

If all goes well, the restore will complete. Once activated, go to Settings, General, About. If you see no IMEI, no Bluetooth and no WiFi, your baseband chip is broken. Contact your nearest Apple store to get a replacement (if you have a warranty). Alternatively, these guys may be able to fix it for you.

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16 Responses to How to Fix iTunes Error -1 During iPhone Restore to iOS 5.0.1?

  1. shehbaz says:

    i have same problame as you wrote .i got error set has technical 3 month warranty and service 1 year warrant left.but i am in pakistan.i buyed this from uk.could it posibale to replace in south korea.

  2. Dadyss says:

    Sorry, this file can only be downloaded by Premium members
    Please purchase a FileFactory Premium membership if you wish to download this file.

  3. Dadyss says:

    how to make custom IOS firmware 5.0.1, thanks.

  4. samir says:

    only wat you al need to doo teik out lcd end restore and plas back lcd all will be ok testet to day 2 iphone 3gs 8gb

  5. hvalero2001 says:

    thanks @iphonerepair. Worked!!!!!!

  6. butterfly says:

    Hi I have a non jailbroken iphone 4 which is stuck in recovery and when i restore on itunes it keeps giving me error -1, any help would be appreciated.

  7. umeshpathak says:

    i have problem with ipad not jailbreaked i just tried to update to 6.0.1 from 4.3.5

  8. umeshpathak says:

    i have ipad 2 3g + wifii i used to have ios 4.3.5 when i tried to upgrade to 6.0.1 it says error -1 please help ma any help would be appreciated

  9. umeshpathak says:

    i have ipad 2 3g + wifii i used to have ios 4.3.5 when i tried to upgrade to 6.0.1 it says error -1 please help ma any help would be appreciated

  10. AmalfromInd says:

    I also had this -1 error problem while restoring my 3GS and stucked in restore mode for a long time and I had problem of empty battery red ring .Finally I solved this problem by creating a custom signed IPSW using iFaith.I put my iPhone in battery charging till apple logo appeared.I had my shsh blobs in a temp folder in my PC(normally in C:Users"YOURUSERNAME".shsh folder) and IPSW in C:Users"YOURUSERNAME"AppDataLocalApple folder.Use these files to create a custom signed IPSW and go to Pwned DFU mode using iFaith and use iTunes to (using shift+click & browse) restore you custom signed IPSW.This worked for me hope you will find this helpful though this is a late reply.

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