Is there an Ultrasn0w unlock for iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 or 4.12.01?


UPDATE: No, but you can use the steps here. If yours is locked to AT&T, this website provides the cheapest unlocking on the internet.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any ultrasn0w unlock for iPhone 4 since baseband 1.59.00 which was the first baseband versionreleased for iPhone 4.

However, baseband 2.10.04, 3.10.01 and 4.10.01 can be unlocked using SIM interposer device such as Gevey SIM.

Sherif_Hashim, a prominent baseband hacker, admitted that there was a huge roadblock when he attempted to unlock it early this year. What’s this “roadblock”? No one knows for sure.

The new baseband 4.12.01 that comes with iOS 5.1 is probably has less vulnerabilities and may be even more difficult to unlock.

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44 Responses to Is there an Ultrasn0w Unlock for iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 or 4.12.01?

  1. Osimosu says:

    i dont have the SHSH blobs of previous basebands, it is possible for me to downgrade my baseband from 4.12.01 to a lesser baseband

  2. BAsheer says:

    i was using Factory locked iphone4 with Givey sim, but after upgarde to 5.1 with modermfirmware 04.12.01 its not working, any solution please..

  3. swapnil says:

    I was using Locked Iphone4 with Givey Sim, But yesterday i upgrade to 5.1 with modrmfirmware 04.12.01, and now its not working with Gevey Sim process but it's showing No servic. Any Solution for this problem, Please……..

  4. Med says:

    use tinyumrella connect your device and in tha tab general u can fid shsh of your device save it and proceed

  5. Reza says:

    I have shsh blobs file of previous ios 4.3.3

    I downgraded from 5.1 to 4.3.3 using snowbreeze custome ipsw but my baseband still is 4.12.1

    What should I do?

  6. Boii says:

    I'm having the "no service situation" with 04.12.01 baseband / IOS 5.1. The phone is jailbroken and no SHSH (I might have, but I left my laptop overseas and won't be seeing it for months).

    What I don't understand is, can't I just restore it back to the factory default as in "virginize" the iphone? will I get my signal again? I thought restoring it back tot he factory default, will remove the jailbreak and make it new again?

    If that won't work too, then I suppose, I'm totally screwed??

    What about those non-jailbroken iphones that are updated to 04.12.01? do they have the same problem?
    I'm confused…

    • iphonerepair says:

      your modem firmware or baseband 4.12.01 can't be unlocked, the phone is probably locked to a single carrier

      Apple disallows baseband to be downgraded

      • Boii says:

        are u saying "virginizing" / restoring to factory default the iphone 4 still won't bring back the signal?


        • iphonerepair says:

          if yours is locked to a specific carrier e.g. US AT&T then there's no way to unlock it. You can only restore to iOS 5.1 if you don't have the SHSH for earlier iOS version, preserving baseband is still possible with custom firmware

          • Boii says:

            by the way, this phone is from Singapore and they are sold unlocked. I don't understand how upgrading it to 04.12.01 makes it locked when the phone is originally sold unlocked? I'm starting to think that this is a different problem.

          • iphonerepair says:

            try calling Apple Singapore to verify

          • Joe says:

            Broi have the same problem, apple shud be liable of this dnt u think? Why put a 4.12.1 ips 5 if they dnt have solutions for us its their phone right? Im so pissed this is my first iphone i was so happy cause bought it with my 1st work and 1st salary as a gift to myself and now i feel screwed up just bought this last week now its og 5.1.1 bb 4.12.1

  7. rahul says:

    plz tell me is there any future solution for 4.12.01 baseband / ios 5.1?? please reply

  8. Irshad says:

    Any solution for 4.12.01 baseband on ios 5.1?? please reply

  9. reninangiO says:

    please tell me when the baseband 4.12.01 can be unklocked!!!!!

  10. bharath says:

    just now i unlocked my at&t iphone4 ios 5.1.1 baseband 4.12.01,
    simply by email

  11. Chris says:

    Is there any update to unlocking baseband 4.12.01 that’s not at&t?

  12. Jef says:

    Hello !

    A french guy have find a solution for the I4 all baseband and all IOS
    Translation : Code is ready, he needs a material support

    Nothing Else Sim Card Solution

    More information here in French :-)

  13. tran tho says:

    when is the iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08 come out tell me plz

  14. Junior says:

    hey somebody can help me unlock an imei by mail or by firmware please …mail me at

  15. Babyface says:

    Hi I have a 5.0.1 Jailbroken iphone with BB 4.10.1 and Preserved Baseband, my friend told me that the unthethered jailbreak is now out so i decided to update my iphone to 5.1.1 with success but i noticed that my baseband was changed to 4.12.1 .Is there any chance for me to go back to 5.0.1 and bb 4.10.1 so i can unlock it with Gevey card. I have a SHSH save! Please help!

  16. danmaca says:

    can you plz help me unlock 04.112.01 plz plz i only have to sunday or i have to get i new phone email me at

  17. Jordan says:

    anyone that can get the imei done would be gladly appreciated ill glady pay someone to do it

  18. iphonerepair says:

    no, you should have updated it with a custom firmware

  19. Dev says:

    my prob is same as above.. updated to 04.12.01.. can't unlock..
    Please help

  20. Emdad says:


    I’m almost stuck on my iPhone 4 with 4.12.1 baseband.Thousand times i tried the different way to get unlock but i failed.Finally i saw the news of ultrasn0w fixer but again hopeless,because my baseband in not enlisted.

    So plz reply me how do i get options or wait for ultrasn0w new version.

    Thank you

  21. farhan says:

    how long we have wait please help for 4.12.01 :(

    • steve adams says:

      Year MATE Unfortuntly prob years. As ive been waiting now like atleast 6+ months, NO HAX CAN STEP up & get it done. ITS QUITE SAD REALLY.

  22. Tariq says:

    i need gevi for iphone 4 basband 04.12.1 or unblocked softwere carreir phinland dna please urgent

  23. steve adams says:

    APPLE HAS Got the better of these baseband hacker, OR "SO CALLED HACKERS" A REAL Hax would have this unlocked. IT would apprear APPLE HAS HAD the LASt LAUGH @ Sherif hashim & The soo called ultrasn0Ww hax team.
    As Im affriad we are all in the SAME sinking boat, with NO UNLOCK, NO DOWNGRADE, & NO WAY OF unlock our Shit House 04.12.01 & 04.12.10 baseband WHICH Really BLOWS. IT SUCKS DICKS to have a ip4 or ip4s running these BB, As all it Is now is a SHITTY ipod. ONLY Usable via wifi @ home or hotspots.
    I REALLY WISH A HACKER WOULD STEP UP, to THE PLATE & JUST UNLOCK 04.12.01 & GET THE JOB DUN, As APPLES HAVING A GOOD OLE LOL @ Sherif, Ultrasn0w DEV Team & all the would be lazy ass HAX that CAN NOT HACK this bb. FFS I'd pay sum1 $100 to unlock mine…

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